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This is my own “re-telling” of the tour of Scala from the official Scala website. If you are wondering WhyAnotherTour, it’s mostly because it was fun and informative. I hope you feel the same way.

You should be able to go through these in the order listed, with each building on previous topics. I’ve also linked to the original tour topics as well as added my own where I thought it might help.


  1. ScalaBasics – this covers some syntactic things that might surprise you, as well as some very basic things about working with Scala (not in the tour)
  2. UnifiedTypes
  3. ScalaClasses
  4. ScalaProperties
  5. ScalaPackages
  6. ScalaObject
  7. ScalaTraits
  8. ScalaGenerics
  9. ScalaAnnotations
  10. ScalaOperators
  11. JavaIntegration


  1. ScalaFunctions
  2. PatternMatching
  3. FunctionCurrying – define a function that has received some of its parameters now, and will get the remainder later.
  4. CaseClasses – taking switch statements to a useful level.
  5. SealedClasses – tightening up CaseClasses.
  6. XmlLiterals
  7. ForComprehensions – don’t let the name confuse you; this is about Scala’s powerful for loop construct
  8. TypeBounds
  9. InnerClasses – you only thought they were basic.
  10. ImplicitConversions
  11. TypeDependentClosures – Closures in general discussed here, too.


  1. ImplicitParameters
  2. TypeVariance
  3. AbstractTypesnot abstract classes
  4. AdvancedScalaObjects
  5. DuckTyping
  6. ActorsAndConcurrency
  7. ExplcitlyTypedSelfReferences

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