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Loading your KRZR with mp3s from a Mac

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

A while back I bought the then-new-and-exciting Motorola KRZR. One of the features that I didn’t particularly care about, but was vaguely interested in if it could be set up easily is the built-in music player and fancy-pants external controls.

According to Verizion/Motorola/whoever, you had to use a Windows PC with a special cable and a special piece of software that would convert your tunes to Windows Media and load the phone. This being highly lame, I never looked into.

Fast forward to yesterday, when I’m in Radio Shack getting a power adapter to charge my phone at work and I noticed that Micro SD cards are dirt cheap. So, I picked up a 1 Gig card for $20. I figured if it didn’t work out, I could just use the SD adapter and have an extra gig of memory for my digital camera. Got home and was able to get music working without any Windows Media bullshit, or stupid PC-only programs (I can’t wait until the “PC only software” is a thing of the past).

So, I present, how to play mp3s on your KRZR if you have a Mac:

  1. Purchase a Micro SD card (you cannot load MP3s onto the phone memory and have it work)
  2. Turn phone off
  3. Insert Micro SD card into phone (take off the battery cover and you’ll see the slot below the battery)
  4. Turn phone on (this will do some formatting of the card)
  5. Turn phone off after a minute or so
  6. Insert Micro SD card into card reader attached to your computer (I was not able to copy mp3s to the card over bluetooth; I figure the phone probably isn’t set up to write to the card)
  7. Copy whatever MP3s you want into the cards my_music directory
  8. Eject the card and put it back in your phone
  9. Turn on the phone
  10. Navigate to the mp3 player (on a Verizon phone, it’s Menu->Get It Now->Music & Tones->My Music). This will do some sort of “registering music” or some nonsense, but after that, it will work

Now, the next question is “Can I find the headphone adapter?” and “Does it adapt headphones or do I need something else?” I fear the answer to both is a resounding “no”, but at least it’s progress.

To be determined what happens if I’m listening to MP3s and I get a call. Hopefully The Right Thing®

Update: It did work, however it works so poorly as to be completely useless. First off, the headphone adapter sucks and is noisy. Secondly, any number of mp3s above, say, 10, cause the KRZR to just churn and churn and take forever. Thirdly, filling the 1 gig card with MP3s caused the phone to crash. Fourthly, it doesn’t remember where you were in a song, doesn’t have random play and generally sucks ass as an MP3 player.